Hank Klibanoff Interview

Written by on November 5, 2019

Hank Klibanoff, host of the “Buried Truths” podcast, speaks on voter suppression

By Jen Rehill

Voter suppression has had a long, and sometimes violent, history in the United States. Voting rights advocates point to purges of registration rolls, reduced access to polling places in minority areas and restrictive voter ID laws as recent examples that can cause disenfranchise some groups. 

Hank Klibanoff directs the Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases Project at Emory University, and hosts the Buried Truths podcast. Produced by WABE public radio in Atlanta, the first season of Buried Truths looks at voter suppression in 1940s Georgia. 

WLVR’s Jen Rehill spoke with Klibanoff about voting rights, voter suppression and potential consequences for Lehigh Valley elections.



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