Rembrandt Painting in Allentown Used to Educate Students

Written by on February 19, 2020

Rembrandt Painting in Allentown Used to Educate Students

By Staci Inez

February 19, 2020

Photo | Staci Inez / WLVR

The Allentown Art Museum sees a new opportunity to educate students with a recently discovered Rembrandt painting.

WLVR’s Staci Inez reports on the museum’s future plans for the community.

“Portrait of a Young Woman” was sent to New York University two years ago for conservation. During that time, a team of curators determined the painting was an original Rembrandt.

Now, that process of removing varnish and re-assessing the artwork can be used for students in the Lehigh Valley, according to Museum President David Mickenberg.

“It really is a phenomenal work to be talked about in terms of STEAM programming. In terms of that intersection between science and technology..between the ability to look at a work of art as it’s changed over time and then go back in history and look at that as well, so we’re really excited about the possibilities that this gives to us,” says Mickenberg.

Some Rembrandts have sold for tens of millions of dollars, thought it is not clear how much this piece is worth.

The oval portrait is currently in the museum’s archive and it will be on public display starting June 17th.

This is an update on a previous story. Watch Staci’s full PBS39 News Tonight Report.


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