Bucks County Health Official says Schools Free of Coronavirus After Deep Clean

Written by on March 11, 2020

Bucks County Health Official says Schools Free of Coronavirus After Deep Clean

By Hayden Mitman

March 11, 2020

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With thousands of kids home from school because of closures in the Philadelphia area, parents are worried about when it’s time to go back.

WLVR’S Hayden Mitman spoke with the director of Bucks County’s Health Department and filed this report.

Dr. David Damsker has a tough job these days. As head of the Bucks County Health Department, he’s in charge of public health as the coronavirus epidemic evolves and people try making sense of it all.

Five schools in the Central Bucks School District closed last week. The schools shut down Friday after it was determined some students and staff had been at a private gathering with someone later diagnosed with Covid-19. The schools reopened Monday after intensive cleaning.

But then more schools closed because of coronavirus concerns.

“If we are telling you we have a confirmed case, and the school closes for a day for a deep cleaning and the health department is in support of that, that’s it. We are saying people can come back to school once it’s re-opened,” said Damsker.

Damsker says older folks are at greater risk for the virus. He said he understands people’s concerns, especially around the schools. But he said the virus can be fought and eliminated.

“It’s not something to be afraid of or say ‘oh, they cant disinfect it’ They can disinfect it and the schools are doing all the high trafficked areas. All the railings, water fountains and classroom areas where people are touching, so, when a school reopens, there’s nothing to worry about from that school, itself, ” he said.

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