Census 2020-Introduction to the Census in the Lehigh Valley

Written by on March 3, 2020

Census 2020: Why It Matters-Introduction to the Census in the Lehigh Valley

[Left] Mike Wilson and [Right] WLVR’s Brad Klein.

Census 2020: Why It Matters

This year’s census survey will provide a snapshot of the Lehigh Valley. Data collected from the form determines electoral districts, funding schools should receive and support for families in need. 

Every Tuesday in March during Morning Edition, WLVR’s Brad Klein digs deep into Census 2020 and lets you know why it matters.

Find out how your participation in the census will make a difference. 

March 3: Introduction to the Census in the Lehigh Valley

Mike Wilson from the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation shares what the census means for the region. The conversation touches on who’s counted and why, when to expect census materials, how to fill out the forms, efforts to ensure an accurate count and the stakes for residents and organizations across the region. 

More resources on the Census 2020 and to learn more about our Census 2020: Why it Matters series.
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