Advice for Families of hospitalized COVID19

Written by on April 20, 2020

Advice for Families of hospitalized COVID19

By Brad Klein

April 20, 2020

Jennifer Sanita and Chris McMillan and their kids. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Sanita

The number of COVID19 cases in Northampton and Lehigh Counties continues to grow. And that means more families will be faced with the agonizing prospect of having a loved one hospitalized at a time when area hospitals have banned almost all visitors.

WLVR’S Brad Klein spoke to one Bethlehem resident who’s been through that. Jennifer Sanita was living with her partner Chris McMillan, and their three kids from separate marriages, ages 8 to 11, when things took a very bad turn. Chris was in isolation in the furnished basement, sick with COVID19 and getting worse. He entered Lehigh Valley Hospital Muhlenberg on March 22. 

McMillan was released from the hospital April 3 and was the first patient to be taken off a ventilator and released from Lehigh Valley Hospital Muhlenberg.


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