Shelters report increase in volunteer pet fosters during COVID19 outbreak

Written by on April 15, 2020

Shelters report increase in volunteer pet fosters during COVID19 outbreak

By K.C. Lopez

April 15, 2020

Photo | K.C. Lopez / WLVR

Animal shelters across the country are prepping for a surge in animal rescues and pet surrenders, as some owners struggle to afford pet food and other essentials. 

But as WLVR’s KC Lopez reports, shelters are also seeing a rise in volunteers hoping to help the area’s four legged residents.

The Center for Animal Health and Welfare in Easton is closed to the public until at least April 30, but vacancies for much needed animal fosters remain wide open.

And Director Kelly Bauer says locals are answering the call for help.

“We definitely have more fosters right now than we have had in a long time and I think that’s a great thing. People are home, they want to feel purpose, they want to feel helpful, and it really does help our animals. Even if this isn’t a long term solution, it’s just them getting a vacation or a break from the shelter, it’s a wonderful thing. It increases their sociability, their ability to interact with other animals and people,” said Bauer.

And with little known about the transmission of the coronavirus between humans and domestic pets, the shelter is taking added precautions to ensure safe transfers of animals.

“The way we’ve handled it is very safe. There is no interaction; we essentially call them curbside pickups where everything is done electronically, prior to the volunteer’s arrival. We load the animal up for them, they don’t even need to get out of their car. And so we’ve made it as safe as we possibly can.”

In addition to fostering animals, Bauer says there are other ways the public can help homeless pets from a safe distance, including baking dog and cat treats and making mini cat scratchers out of empty toilet paper rolls.

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