What State Data Reveals About Young People and COVID-19

Written by on April 6, 2020

What State Data Reveals About Young People and COVID-19

By K.C. Lopez

April 6, 2020

Upper Dublin, PA – March 25, 2020, PA National Guard Testing Site. Photo | K.C. Lopez / WLVR

People under 50 make up a large percentage of the state’s cases of coronavirus. And as WLVR’s KC Lopez reports, Lehigh Valley health experts are expressing concern that some younger people continue to congregate during social distancing orders.

Across Pennsylvania, COVID-19 positive patients aged 19 to 49 now make up about half of all the state’s cases. Dr. Jeffrey Jahre, infectious disease specialist at St. Luke’s University Health Network says, that’s on par with what hospitals are reporting across the country.

“We’ve had a number of very ill young people and there are some who’ve actually had an extraordinarily serious disease. If you look across the country, there are young people who have died with this disease who are under the age of 30,” said Jahre.

But even with mitigation efforts in effect, Jahre says Lehigh Valley communities are having trouble enforcing social distancing.

“One of the things that I think we are seeing that is really somewhat bothersome, particularly among younger people, is we see congregating on the basketball courts or in some of the common areas around the mall. And that’s to be avoided. This is not an opportunity to have a vacation, and congregate.”

Pennsylvania has seen a significant number of young adults, some in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, requiring hospitalization. So regardless of age, officials continue to urge everyone to comply with mitigation efforts to help stop the spread of coronavirus.


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