St. Luke’s Conducts more than 120,000 Virtual Visits, including Physical Therapy

Written by on May 12, 2020

St. Luke’s Conducts more than 120,000 Virtual Visits, including Physical Therapy

By Tracy Yatsko

May 12, 2020

Photo | Tracy Yatsko / WLVR

St. Luke’s University Health Network has conducted more than 120,000 virtual visits since March, including physical therapy. Elective surgeries restarted Monday, May 11, which means a big increase of people will need post-operative care.

St. Luke’s Physical Therapy sites are open for hands on treatment, but for those who are uncomfortable leaving the house during COVID-19, virtual visits are another way to continue care. Physical Therapist Christopher Fisher says patients shouldn’t stop treatment.

“We want to make sure that those people who were in rehab, don’t lose where they were following surgery or non-surgical cases. Because what can happen at that point is they can actually develop other issues regarding that joint or muscle that they may be rehabbing,” said Fisher.

Photo | Tracy Yatsko / WLVR

Patient Ed Marzigliano says he’s been doing physical therapy with St. Luke’s for the past six months, since a motor vehicle accident caused a tear in tendons in his shoulder and bicep.

“In therapy, they have everything. You know, it’s a full weight room, they have bicycles, they have everything you need. So we had to come up with unique ways to accommodate seven pounds, three pounds, 10 pounds… and it works out,” said Marzigliano.

For instance, household items like cans of soup or a bottle of detergent can be used instead of weights. Marzigliano says the virtual option has been convenient and easy to access. Patients receive an email with a link to their appointment. Then they click the link to virtually connect with a therapist. 


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