Bethlehem’s OraSure Technologies developing rapid COVID-19 antibody test

Written by on June 11, 2020

Bethlehem’s OraSure Technologies developing rapid COVID-19 antibody test

By Brittany Sweeney

June 11, 2020

Photo | Brittany Sweeney / WLVR

For the second time during the pandemic – a Lehigh Valley business is getting the green light to develop a test that could help fight the spread of coronavirus.

Bethlehem based OraSure Technologies received a more than $600,000 federal contract to develop a rapid COVID-19 antibody test.

CEO Stephen Tang says the tests will use the company’s oral fluid technology and will help people determine whether they are still susceptible to coronavirus.

“So this will be a breakthrough because it will use oral fluids for the sample type. Most antibody tests today use blood as a sample and so what we’re envisioning is that our antibody test, which will be a lab based test, will enable people to self collect, once it receives the approval, and then send their specimen into the lab for testing,” said Tang.

Tang adds this is seperate from the in-home, self-test antigen test that received similar funding in April. 

The company hopes to roll out the rapid antibody test in July, with an FDA emergency use authorization.

The antigen test is expected to follow in September.


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