Easton hospital union employees are worried about their future

Written by on June 22, 2020

Easton hospital union employees are worried about their future

By Ben Stemrich

June 22, 2020

Photo | Ben Stemrich /WLVR

Easton Hospital union employees are worried about their future. Just over two weeks ago St. Luke’s University Health Network announced the purchase of the Easton Hospital in Northampton County, from the Steward Medical Group. 

Northampton County Councilwoman Tara Zrinski and around 50 other people gathered outside of the Easton Hospital to rally this week.

She says she wants St. Luke’s officials to start a dialog with union officials about what will happen with current employees. St Luke’s has said it’s been in contact with the groups that currently represent some Easton Hospital employees. 

Amy Hower is president of the United Independent Union Local and represents nurses. 

“That is completely untrue, we got no information, we still have no information about what’s going to happen to our employees from June 30th to July 1,” said Hower.

St. Luke’s officials tell WLVR they have offered hundreds of positions to Easton Hospital staff members. The majority are primary care physicians and their staff as well as medical and surgical residents.

Union officials say many more jobs are management positions, and non union.

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