Easton’s Broom Brigade sweeps up neighborhoods

Written by on June 18, 2020

 Easton’s Broom Brigade sweeps up neighborhoods

By Stephen Jiwanmal

June 17, 2020

Photo | Stephen Jiwanmal / WLVR

As Easton reopens, there’s a greater emphasis on keeping areas clean. A group of volunteers has routinely swept through the city for the past three years. 

Every second and fourth Wednesday, about a dozen Eastonians grab a broom, trash bag and a red shirt. They call themselves the “Broom Brigade.”

Anthony Marraccini is the organizer.

“When you look at Easton’s renaissance, that’s just 30, 40 years of people doing things together to make it work. It’s a grassroots, ground-up notion, and when you have that kind of energy, you can do a lot with it,” said Marraccini.

The group usually cleans up parts of the city’s West Ward, pulling out weeds, picking up trash and, of course, sweeping.

Nancy Poplawski is a volunteer. She says the Broom Brigade is trying to keep things as normal as possible.

“I think it’s fun. The reward is seeing how people are happier when you’re there. People are thanking you for helping them and then, people start getting involved.”

The next clean-up is set for Wednesday, June 24 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., with a location to be determined. 


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