Allentown City Council Resolution withdrawn, Members won’t vote to censure Siegel, Gerlach

Written by on July 31, 2020

Update: Allentown City Council Resolution withdrawn, Members won’t vote to censure Siegel, Gerlach

By Tyler Pratt and Ben Stemrich

July 31, 2020

Photo | Ben Stemrich / WLVR

Update: Ed Zucal has pulled his censure, but told WLVR News he’ll make a public statement about it at the city council meeting August 5.

Two Allentown leaders driving police reform efforts in City Council could face an attempt to censure their participation in recent protests in the city.

The City Clerk confirmed to WLVR that at the next council meeting, member Ed Zucal plans to introduce a resolution to reprimand fellow members Ce-Ce Gerlach and Joshua Siegel. It stems from their participation in Black Lives Matter events in the city. That agenda should be released Monday. WLVR obtained a copy of the resolution.

Gerlach addressed recent speculation about the potential for censure after this week’s council meeting.

“At some of the protests – I guess some curse towards the police department so i’m guessing that some people on council are not happy we’ve been attending those protests that have been happening in Allentown?” she said.

Gerlach and Siegel were greeted with applause at the end of the meeting Wednesday evening by Black Lives Matters supporters for their efforts to increase police transparency and other racial justice issues.

Both first-term councilmembers told the crowd they would stake their political futures on the reforms, and creating more equity for Allentown residents. Zucal, a veteran Allentown police officer and former candidate for Lehigh County Sheriff couldn’t be reached for comment in time for air.

Read WLVR’s coverage of the protest Wednesday night, other recent protests, as well as coverage on Allentown City Council’s response on police reform.

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