Allentown City Council proposes police reform resolution, plans a vote for mid-August

Written by on July 30, 2020

Allentown City Council proposes police reform resolution, plans a vote for mid-August

By Genesis Ortega

July 30, 2020

The Allentown 2020 City Council. Photo Courtesy of the City of Allentown website.

Allentown City Council met last night to discuss a resolution designed to reform police practices. WLVR’s Genesis Ortega reports.

The meeting opened with public comment being read into the record. Among those voicing support were many Allentown residents and organizations who cited the Black Lives Matter movement. Opposing the resolution were those who shared positive experiences with police, and a fear of increased chaos and crime in the city.

Chief of Police Glenn Granitz also addressed the meeting. 

“As someone who is friends, knows, works with people on both sides of (this issue), that is not the Allentown that I signed up to work with. So I hope that this group here and those groups out there on both sides, I hope that they listen to me and agree to work together and come to the table to work forward here.”

Council reviewed resolution items point by point with Granitz, and found some issues were beyond the scope of city powers. 

Resolution sponsor CeCe Gerlach acknowledged those limits. 

“Some of these issues we know that the state has to change their laws. So maybe our action is simply a resolution imploring the state to change their law. It doesn’t mean we pass this resolution and tomorrow all the cops are gone. That’s not happening,” said Gerlach.

City Council plans to make amendments and vote on the measure at a special meeting on August 12. 

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