Coronavirus-driven moratorium on evictions ends July 10

Written by on July 6, 2020

Coronavirus-driven moratorium on evictions ends July 10

By Hayden Mitman

By July 6, 2020

Photo | Hayden Mitman / WLVR

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways over the past several months. But it is about to make life much harder for some – as a statewide moratorium on evictions is ending July 10th.

While it may be time to start paying the rent again, many workers have yet to return to their jobs.

State Rep. Mike Schlossberg explains how legislators are trying to help.

“After July 10th, when the brakes come off, we’re going to get deluged with calls… We know the financial pain exists still in a big way, and as soon as landlords start saying, ‘Okay, well here’s a $1,000 in late fees on top of back rent, and either pay it to me in the next two weeks or get out of my apartment,’ we’re really going to see this thing hit a crisis level very, very quickly,” says  Schlossberg.

Meanwhile, some community groups are doing their best to help. 

Janice Thomas, Director of Homeless Services at Easton’s Third Street Alliance is working to make sure people don’t lose the essential shelter they need as the number of new cases continues to climb.

“If there was an issue prior to COVID, the issue is even larger now. So what we’re doing is partnering with other agencies within the region basically joining forces and really making an impact. Because what we want to do and what’s definitely needed is to make sure that no one becomes homeless during this entire time,” says Thomas. 


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