Digging into Her Roots to Heal through Plant Therapy

Written by on July 28, 2020

Digging into Her Roots to Heal through Plant Therapy

By Tracy Tatsko

July 28, 2020

Using plants for therapy. That’s the idea behind a local woman’s effort to share her story that healing through nature is not only possible, but acceptable within the Black and Brown communities.

Veronica Moore spent the last year in talk therapy grieving and healing from the loss of her sister. She says she’s been digging deep to unpack her trauma and her plants have offered her a whole new way to heal.

“It’s teaching me a lot about myself. It’s teaching me to be okay with the process of growth. To be patient with myself, and to observe the growth that’s happening within my own personal development,” said Moore.

Moore uses her Instagram account – Brown Skin Plant Mama – to create a safe space in the plant community for Black and Brown people.

“I love the fact that I am a strong black woman. I love my skin.  I want representation to also be in that space of the plant community. I wanted to let folks know that yes, brown and black folks love plants too.”

Moore started Brown Skin Plant Mama in April and since then she says she’s connected with nature lovers across the globe.

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