Lehigh Valley transgender community asks for public allyship

Written by on July 24, 2020

 Lehigh Valley transgender community asks for public allyship

By Tyler Pratt

July 24, 2020

A vigil for Black Trans Lives in Allentown. Photo | Tyler Pratt / WLVR

A vigil for Black Trans Lives was held in Allentown yesterday to remember transgender people who have been murdered across the country, and raise their profile amid social justice protests. And As WLVR ‘s Tyler Pratt reports, members of the Lehigh Valley trans community say they need more support. 

Transgender people, especially women of color, are subject to high rates of violence. Thursday night, people gathered in Arts Parks to remember more than 20 trans people killed in the US this year. In a tearful moment, Dejur Scott read their names aloud while others held photos. 

Corinne Goodwin also wanted to highlight the systemic issues trans people face on a daily basis, such as a high unemployment rate 

“It’s about the lack of educational opportunities. It’s about the lack of housing.  It’s about the problems we have with safety,” said Goodwin.

And with the current movement for social justice in the US, Valentina Rosario had a message for those who have been protesting. 

“You cannot scream Black Lives Matter and forget about all the black trans woman who are dying you cannot do that,” said Rosario.

Speakers asked the community to educate themselves on trans issues. Speak up when they see violence or injustice. And be everyday allies.

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