Murals Add Art and Energy in Downtown Bangor

Written by on July 13, 2020

Murals Add Art and Energy in Downtown Bangor

By Stephen Jiwanmall

July 13, 2020

Photo | Stephen Jiwanmall / WLVR

If you visit the Slate Belt borough of Bangor, you’ll notice several newly painted murals downtown. As WLVR’s Stephen Jiwanmall reports, the art is designed to attract visitors and new business.

A colorful corridor welcomes you as you drive down Broadway in Bangor. Local artists started painting walls and storefronts during the pandemic, thanks to realtor Faith Sarisky.

“I started calling my competitors, local businesses and everyone was on board. Let’s sponsor a building. Let’s sponsor the artists. People are sending in paint donations, and it just snowballed from there,” said Sarisky.

Sarah Lanier is painting a mural on the side of Bangor Trust Brewing. It features dandelions – and she says they’re resilient, like the residents here.

“I want them to know and believe that they’re not going to get pushed down. They will come back. Their roots are deep, and they’re stronger than they think.”

So far, more than half a dozen murals are painted around the borough – all within walking distance.

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