Allentown City Council to discuss, possibly vote on, new police policy

Written by on August 12, 2020

 Allentown City Council to discuss, possibly vote on, new police policy

By Brad Klein and Tyler Pratt

August 12, 2020

Protestors gathered in front of the PPL Center in downtown Allentown July 14th to call for the defunding of police and change in policies after a video went viral of a man being detained outside of St. Luke’s hospital in Allentown. Photo | Tyler Pratt

*Updated information about the Council’s resolution can be found HERE.

New policing policies, focused on increasing dialogue with the community, are expected to come up for a vote in Allentown City Council tonight – the first concrete action from the body since protests began in the Lehigh Valley over the death of George Floyd. 

For months, protesters have raised public criticism of law enforcement and demanded the defunding of city police. Their calls were amplified in July after a video showed Allentown police physically restraining Edward Borrero Jr., a person of color, in front of a local hospital. An internal investigation – and the Lehigh County D.A. found no wrongdoing on the part of police, but the issue of reform has been hotly debated in the wake of those findings. 

WLVR’s Brad Klein spoke with WLVR’s Tyler Pratt who has been covering the story to unpack what is in the resolution before the city council. 

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