Seniors in assisted living facilities share their experiences in lockdown

Written by on August 10, 2020

Seniors in assisted living facilities share their experiences in lockdown

By Chloe Nouvelle

August 10, 2020

Photo | Chloe Nouvelle / WLVR

For months seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Pennsylvania weren’t allowed to leave and only workers were allowed in. Now some communities in the Lehigh valley have lifted some of the restrictions. WLVR’s Chloe Nouvelle spoke to several residents about their experiences living in lockdown. 

Yvonne Laurenty lives at Country Meadows in Bethlehem. She says the hardest part of the lockdown was not being able to see her family. She hasn’t seen her son since March. And only recently was able to see her daughter face-to-face.

“Your first impulse when you haven’t seen your child for very long, you know, is to reach out and grab them. And we couldn’t do that, you know, so we just kind of bumped elbows,” said Laurenty.

Eunice Nicusanti has gone there to visit her sister who has dementia. But only through a window.

“They have a microphone inside the window and you sit out on the front porch, and so she could talk to me. But I think the fact that she wants out so badly, see me two inches away, seemed to upset her more,” said Nicusanti.

Loretta Evans lives at country meadows in Allentown. And for her the window visits with her kids were a reminder of just how much she’s missed human contact.

“We were placed at a window and they could come in from the outside but there was no touching each other or anything. We would pretend to hug each other.”

She says she’s not feeling sorry for herself. And takes comfort in knowing that she’s going through the pandemic just like everyone else. 

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