Allentown-based author and executive shares job interview tips

Written by on September 25, 2020

Allentown-based author and executive shares job interview tips

By Megan Frank

September 25, 2020

Photo | Megan Frank / WLVR

According to US Department of Labor data, there were over 800,000 Pennsylvanians still without jobs in July. And many may be looking for work. One Allentown resident and top corporate executive is sharing her experience hiring people and tips for how to master job interviews.

Capital BlueCross Lehigh Valley Executive and Vice President Anne Corley Baum says it’s always important to research the job and company.

“I’m always impressed with someone who is well-prepared for an interview. I appreciate when people come to the interview with excellent questions. Like: What does success look like in this role?”

Baum has recently written a book titled “Small Mistakes, Big Consequences for Interviews.” And says While it’s important to be confident — She warns against coming off as boastful or arrogant.

Baum says when you apply to a job, she says, you should be able to express why you’re passionate about the role and company mission.


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