Lehigh University is updating its COVID monitoring strategy

Written by on September 24, 2020

Lehigh University is updating its COVID monitoring strategy 

By Gabi Falk, WLVR Lehigh University Intern

September 24, 2020

Lehigh University line up on campus to get tested for COVID-19. Photo| Gabi Falk / WLVR

Lehigh University is updating its COVID monitoring strategy next week..it will test a sampling of students roughly every two weeks. The move comes after a recent rise in daily confirmed case counts in Northampton County. WLVR News Intern Gabi Falk has more.  

David Rubenstein, the executive director of the Health Center, says the sampling strategy is an effective way to monitor a campus community like Lehigh, where there’s a relatively low case count.

“For example, if we test 10 percent of the student population on and off campus that those numbers are higher from a surveillance testing standpoint, then we will increase our surveillance testing.”  

At the start of the semester, all students accessing campus were being tested. But after the second week, only symptomatic students could receive tests. That approach raised questions from students. Jordan Wolman, editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, The

Brown and White, says several other major universities do weekly testing of students, regardless of symptoms. 

“We haven’t been given a reason and when you compare our testing strategy to other schools it just makes you think and wonder well why not us,” said Wolman.

Many university students who live off campus are still living in close quarters and interacting with the community. 

The university will begin testing random samples of students starting Monday. 

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