Local gym offers fitness and recess for kids

Written by on September 24, 2020

Local gym offers fitness and recess for kids

For kids who are hybrid or virtually learning, recess might be a class they miss during the new schools days. WLVR’s Ben Stemrich reports a Lehigh Valley gym has created a plan to give young students access to some fun and fitness

Chloe Brown is in the 4th Grade in Palmerton

“I like running and doing team races,” said Brown.

Dedicated Fitness in Palmerton is offering a structured exercise for an hour each weekday for kindergarten through 5th graders. 

Kerri Jahelka is the gym’s owner. 

“It’s always fun and what we found out is that there are a lot of parents who say they want their kids to move and be socialized…”

The class is part indoors and part outdoors… and the exercising is often disguised as games… Jahelka says masks are not required because kids often just take them off, and it can cause a distraction…

“That’s just something that makes it more difficult. So, here of course they are welcome to wear them if they want to but I feel that it just creates an extra piece of anxiety that isn’t necessary…”

Whether it’s a gym, outside or in a park, local health experts say getting kids to reduce screen time and stay active can help prevent childhood obesity and improve mental health during the pandemic. 

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