Lehigh County to offer “B” Ballots starting Oct. 28

Written by on October 21, 2020

Lehigh County to offer “B” Ballots starting Oct. 28

Voters can pick up a “B” Ballot if they did not receive their mail-in ballots by this date.

Press Release from Lehigh County Voter Office

October 21, 2020

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On Wednesday, Oct. 28, “B” Ballots will be available to all voters who did not receive their mail-in ballot. The Lehigh County Office of Voter Registration advises voters who are still missing their ballots by Oct. 28 to come in to the Voter’s Office and pick up a “B” Ballot. A voter may then use a “B” Ballot in lieu of their addressed mail-in ballot.

This is to ensure that those waiting for a mail-in ballot can cast their vote without missing the Nov. 3 deadline.

A “B” Ballot serves as a backup ballot for those who have not received their mail-in ballot after the initial application period. The Office of Voter Registration asks that voters wait at least a week after applying for a mail-in ballot before requesting the “B” Ballot. In the circumstance that a person receives their mail-in ballot after casting a “B” Ballot, the mail-in ballot will be ineligible to vote.

The Lehigh County Office of Voter Registration started to distribute mail-in ballots on Oct. 6 and has continued mailing ballots throughout the month. However, there are some applicants in Lehigh County who are still waiting for their mail-in ballot. The “B” Ballot is an effort to ensure all voters have the chance to cast their ballot despite the unprecedented circumstances of the 2020 General Election.

For more information on mail-in ballots or the “B” Ballot, please contact the Lehigh County Office of Voter Registration at 610-782-3194.

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