Lehigh Valley teaching farm wants people to ‘learn local’

Written by on October 19, 2020

Lehigh Valley teaching farm wants people to ‘learn local’

By Chloe Nouvelle, WLVR News

October 19, 2020

Photo / Chloe Nouvelle / WLVR

At Flint Hill Farm Educational Center, a Lehigh County farmer is committed to teaching others how to work the land.

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Kathleen Fields is a farmer who doesn’t just want you to shop local. She wants you to learn local.

“I don’t look at myself as owning the farm. I tell people, I work for Jesus. The bank holds my mortgage and I’m the steward of this,” said Fields.

At Flint Hill, there are the sort of things you’d see on many small, American farms; horses, cows, goats. And of course, a few farm dogs.

But here, there are also interns. Robert Grucella is one of them, his official title, Cheese Making and Herdsman intern. His specialty? Mozzarella. 

“Here it’s a little bit more hands on, you know, there’s a little more elbow grease,” said Grucella.

It is a teaching farm, after all, offering classes like cheese and bread making, wool spinning and felting, and horseback riding. You can even buy milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt made by the interns. 

And Flint Hill isn’t just a place for students. Fields says her farm is really open to everyone, even those who just want to bring their kids to see some sheep. The farmer just asks that you leave a donation to support animal care.

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