‘Skoolie’ couple stop in Carbon County while living and working on the road

Written by on October 2, 2020

‘Skoolie’ couple stop in Carbon County while living and working on the road

By Haley O’Brien

October 2, 2020

Photo | Haley O’Brien / WLVR

Across the US as many work from home, people may be rethinking where they want to live. Even before the pandemic, economists speculated that more people were considering vacating large expensive cities. WLVR’s Haley O’Brien met with one couple who recently decided to live on the road, in a bus.

“There’s something freeing about downsizing, and not having so much stuff to worry about,” says Sarah Branchide.

In 2018, Branchide and her boyfriend Alex Lorkowski decided to move out of their three-bedroom home in Philadelphia and into a short school bus.

“For work, I’m an insurance agent, licensed in 30 states, and Sarah is in telemedicine, so we can both work from home. We have the ability to work anywhere in the country as long as we have WIFI, which is one of our biggest challenges,” said Lorkowski.

The couple say the bus was about a $20,000 investment, and they had to learn some mechanical, electrical and woodworking skills. But they managed to turn the vehicle into a home and workplace in one. The bus conversion, called a “skoolie,” is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and solar power. 

Lorkowski said, “It’s most popular among people who are looking for a lifestyle that they can enjoy every single day, feel free, and see the world and everything it has to offer. There’s no age barrier. We met someone who was 17, just got his driver’s license and is traveling in a 15 passenger van, and we’ve met people who are retired doing the same thing.”

The two are stopping in Carbon County before their next adventure. 

Alex and Sarah say they’ll be on Race Street in Jim Thorpe this weekend, and they’re encouraging people to stop by and say hello. 

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