Allentown health director concerned about the rise in COVID hospitalizations

Written by on November 13, 2020

Allentown health director concerned about the rise in COVID hospitalizations

By Tyler Pratt

November 13, 2020

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Pennsylvania had nearly 5,500 new COVID cases Thursday, shattering daily case count records.

More than half the commonwealth’s counties were moved to the high level of COVID alert  – known as substantial spread. Local health experts say they are, quote, “praying” hospitalizations don’t rise to the levels seen in the spring.

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Allentown’s top health official says the virus is circulating widely in the city. Vicky Kistler says more people are being admitted to the hospital, but patients aren’t as critically ill as they were during the initial surge

“However, we are very worried that is going to change. And we are going to see people with severe illness. We hope not,” said Kistler.

Kistler says the city went numerous weeks without deaths, but now that number is ticking up again. She is cautioning people not to become complacent about COVID-19. 

“We really truly don’t know the long term consequences of having this virus — so we are stressing to people regardless — whether your case was mild or severe that you encourage everyone you are friends with and everyone in your family to mask and maintain that six-foot social distance.”

The CDC just issued new masking guidance — that wearing one doesn’t just protect other people, it can protect you too. 

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