Family farm features fall fruit and has thrived for over 70 years

Written by on November 27, 2020

Family farm features fall fruit and has thrived for over 70 years

By Brad Klein

November 27, 2020

Along with the cooler, shorter days, autumn brings changes in what fresh local produce is available in the Lehigh Valley. Local tomatoes are just a memory, but now is prime time for local apple varieties. 

Listen to the story.

Ben Scholl is a third-generation apple grower. He runs Scholl’s Farm Stand in Bethlehem, along with his brother and sister, other family, and employees.

He says that if you’re thinking of apple pie, some of the older, classic varieties fill the bill.

“This time of year it’s Ida Red, Macintosh, Staymen . . . those are your three bakers.”

The Scholls have been growing those for more than 50 years. But Ben says when it comes to eating apples ‘out of hand’, that’s where some brand new varieties shine.

WLVR’s Brad Klein interviewing Ben Scholl at Scholl’s Farm Stand. Photo | Brad Klein / WLVR

“So we have Evercrisp, we have Rosalee, we have Ludacrisp, which has a citrus like flavor unlike no other, I mean, it tastes like a Tangerine when you’re eating it.”

He says these new varieties have the cell structure of the Honeycrisp that explodes in your mouth. But they bring new tastes and better storage for a local treat that will see you through the winter.

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