Pa. officials concerned about snow impacts at over-crowded hospitals

Written by on December 17, 2020

Pa. officials concerned about snow impacts at over-crowded hospitals 

By Jen Rehill

December 17, 2020

Photo from a Dec. 17 2020 snow storm. This is a photo from the West End of Allentown. Photo| Ben Stemrich / WLVR

Pennsylvania emergency officials say they’re concerned about the impact of the massive winter storm on the state’s health care infrastructure.

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Hospitals across the state are already coping with a massive surge in COVID-19 patients in recent weeks — straining staff and filling ICU beds. 

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Director Randy Padfield says more patients could create a critical situation for health care systems.

He’s urging residents to stay off the roads to prevent car accidents. And be extra careful with clean-up to avoid trips to the ER.

“The day after a snowstorm is one of the busiest days, and the reason being is because people go out and they try to recover. And that’s when people have heart attacks, and they have strokes and they slip and fall, and those types of things. And that’s when the emergency departments get extremely busy.”

Padfield is encouraging residents to take their time digging out and work together with friends and neighbors to recover from the storm.

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