Pa. expands eligibility for Group 1A vaccine recipients

Written by on January 20, 2021

Pa. expands eligibility for Group 1A vaccine recipients

By Hayden Mitman

January 20, 2021

Photo by Steven Cornfield on Unsplash

Pennsylvania officials announced Jan. 19 that the state is expanding eligibility for the coronavirus vaccine to include anyone over 65. The move will match guidelines from the federal government and will allow millions across the state to get the vaccination sooner. 

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Cindy Findley, head of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 vaccine taskforce, explains the move.

“Effective today we are expanding our vaccination efforts in phase 1A to include anyone over the age of 65 and people ages 16 to 64 with serious medical conditions that make them more at risk for severe illness to COVID-19,” she says. 

This expansion of phase 1A means more than 3.5 million Pennsylvanians, including pregnant women, can now get vaccinated. People younger than 65 qualify only if they have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, kidney disease or another qualifying condition.

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