Pa. National Guard helps staff the Phoebe Home during COVID-19 outbreak

Written by on January 14, 2021

Pa. National Guard helps staff the Phoebe Home during COVID-19 outbreak

By Chloe Nouvelle

January 14, 2021

Photo| Pexel

For the past week, about two dozen Pennsylvania National Guard members have been stationed at the Phoebe Allentown elder care facility. More than 200 residents and staff were infected.

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The National Guard’s mission ended yesterday but a handful remain to train staff how to properly use personal protective equipment.

One hundred sixty-nine 169 residents and 41 staff members are currently undergoing treatment for COVID-19. 

Lieutenant Colonel Keith Hickox of Pennsylvania’s National Guard said the mission was to test everyone who lives or works at Phoebe Allentown. 

“As a facility has an outbreak, it’s not just the residents there that are affected, the employees are also susceptible to contracting the virus. And so if they do, they have to quarantine,” Hickox says. 

The Guard sent a nurse and medics, along with 20 other personnel. 

“Once you have a certain number of your staff quarantined, you’re struggling now to maintain day to day operations,” he says.

The Guard helped keep the facility running by delivering meals, collecting trash, and cleaning.

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