City of Bethlehem progressing through snow removal challenges

Written by on February 5, 2021

City of Bethlehem progressing through snow removal challenges

By Ben Stemrich

February 5, 2021

Snow covered the Lehigh Valley, including the city of Bethlehem. These two photos are from Bethlehem residential streets where cars, front steps, and roads were completely covered. Photos |Jen Rehill [Left] and Christine Dempsey [Right]

The snow has stopped falling but it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon unless it’s moved. Bethlehem officials say they’re working hard to get to all the roads, including small alleyways cleared. 

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Most roads in the City of Bethlehem are drivable. But Mike Alkhal, director of Public Works, says some still need to be cleared.

“What’s taking awhile right now is opening up areas, in small type areas that you can’t get through now with a small piece of equipment,” Alkhal says.

He says they’ve made tremendous progress in the last 24 hours. The snow is being stockpiled at Sand Island.

“Sand Island happens to be centrally located, and that works out because it’s close to the downtown and the west side area where we have a lot of types of urban areas that need a lot of snow removal and the south side,” Alkhal says.

As for public parking, Alkhal says the plan is to start with the snow downtown and work their way out.

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