Pennsylvania ranks low at vaccinating people 65+

Written by on February 10, 2021

Pennsylvania ranks low at vaccinating people 65+

By Sarah Boden / WESA

February 10, 2021

A member of the medical staff prepares a dose of the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine, also know as CoronaVac, during a mass vaccination program at Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, Albania, Thursday, April 15, 2021. Albania has made virus slabs to almost 300,000 people, starting with the medical personnel, eldest people and schoolteachers to achieve a mass inoculation campaign ahead of the summer tourism season. (AP Photo)

New analysis shows that just 10% of Pennsylvanians who are 65 or older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But what does that mean compared to other states?

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The analysis comes from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a California-based health policy nonprofit. It shows that 14 states and Washington, D.C. track how many people 65 or older have gotten the vaccine. 

Of those states Pennsylvania ranks at the very bottom. In comparison to Pennsylvania’s 10%, a third of West Virginians and more than 20% of New Jersey residents who are 65 or older have gotten at least one dose.

Kaiser finds that in general Pennsylvania is falling behind most other states when it comes to administration of the vaccine. Out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania is in the bottom five, indicating that providers in the majority of other states are much faster at administering the vaccine once it’s been shipped and received from manufacturers. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says because no two states are alike, it’s not possible to make an “apples-to-apples comparison,” especially when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations.

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