The Lehigh Valley is snowed in: EMA is standing by

Written by on February 1, 2021

The Lehigh Valley is snowed in: EMA is standing by

By Ben Stemrich

February 1, 2021

Photo| Elissa Nadworny / NPR

Local officials are asking residents to stay home during the snowstorm, not only for their protection but for the safety of someone that could be miles away. 

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Though Pennsylvanians are used to their snowstorms, Tonya Hook, director of the Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency, says people know they can be dangerous. 

“There aren’t many people out there on the roadways, so we’re not receiving a whole lot of accident reports. People are really just kind of just staying home,” Hook says.

Todd Weaver, director of the Northampton County Emergency Management Agency sees a similar situation. But he says they increased staff for the evening rush hour.

“We just kind of buckle up and take care of those calls and a lot of them get clear. A lot of them come in as motor vehicle accidents or disabled vehicles,” Weaver says, “So that allows us to clear them right away to work with is to try and keep the highways and main roads open.”

Officials say if you do have to go out, be sure to bring an emergency kit, with water and a blanket.

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