Weather, state mixup cause rescheduling of some second vaccine doses

Written by on February 25, 2021

Weather, state mixup cause rescheduling of some second vaccine doses

By Brittany Sweeney

February 25, 2021

Photo by Steven Cornfield on Unsplash

Weather delays and a mixup on the state level have caused second doses of the COVID vaccine to be canceled across Pennsylvania. The Allentown Health Bureau is just one location in the Lehigh Valley rescheduling patients at the last minute.

Listen to the story.

Karen Dimmick, 74, signed up with two local health networks and the Allentown Health Bureau to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She worried she wouldn’t qualify since she’s under the 75-year-old age limit to get the shot. 

“The following day, within 24 hours, I saw a call come through from the Allentown Health Bureau and the lady said, is this Karen Dimmick? I said yes, she said, this is the Allentown Health Bureau, can you come right away to Ag Hall for your shot? I said, I sure can,” Dimmick says.

The Allentown resident was scheduled for her second dose on Feb. 24 but received an email Tuesday saying she’d have to wait another week.

“I really, really, really want the second shot. I will wait 10 days or two weeks whenever I need to. And then, I just want to be around my family,” Dimmick says.

Overall, she is impressed, she says, by how organized the Allentown Health Bureau has been throughout the process.

Those who had appointments on Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 will get their shots at the same time and place on March 4. 

People scheduled for second doses on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26 will get them at the same appointment time and place on March 3.

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