Allentown-based charter school reopens for in-person learning

Written by on March 12, 2021

Allentown-based charter school reopens for in-person learning

By Chloe Nouvelle

March 12, 2021

School is open for a select few in Allentown students.

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A  large, city-based charter school has now resumed in-person classes, as the Allentown School District continues to teach its 17,000 students remotely. 

Most of Allentown’s students are learning remotely. The Allentown School District has not offered in-person classes for about a year.

But Executive Education Academy, a charter school, is moving forward with a hybrid model bringing K-12 students back into the classroom two days a week.

Robert Lysek, the school’s chief executive officer, says about 40% of K-12 students have returned to their classrooms.

“A lot of parents are watching how we do this. And I think that number will rise. Obviously, as more people get vaccinated, and the state opens up a bit more, I think we’ll see anywhere from you know, 60-70%,” Lysek says. 

 The decision to reopen was made, in part, with parents. 

“Our parents were ready. About half of our parents were open to the idea. So we said when we get to half of our parents’ support, we’re going to go forward with it,” Lysek says.

The school has a “state of the art” ventilation system, Lysek says, which is an important piece of equipment in a pandemic.

“We’re a more modern building than, you know, some of your inner-city districts like in Allentown,” he says. 

Lysek says Executive Education Academy is on track to have all of its staff vaccinated by early April. 

The Allentown School District plans to begin a hybrid-model next month.

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