Religious holidays fill the air in spring

Written by on March 30, 2021

Religious holidays fill the air in spring

By Mariella Miller

March 30, 2021

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

We’ve entered a string of spring holidays that began March 27 with Passover, an eight-day celebration of Hebrews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt.

Next was Palm Sunday on March 28, a Christian celebration of the triumphant arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem.

March 29 was Holi, an ancient Hindu festival, also known as the “Festival of Love,” the “Festival of Colours,” and the “Festival of Spring.”

And coming up, on April 13 Ramadan begins a month of fasting and prayer for Muslims. It celebrates the month in which Muhammad received the initial revelations of the Quran. Ramadan ends with Eid-al-Fitr on May 12, which observes the end of the fasting.

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