Allentown mayoral candidate talks about fair housing

Written by on April 7, 2021

Allentown mayoral candidate talks about fair housing

By Ben Stemrich

April 7, 2021

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Some candidates running for public office in Allentown came together downtown on April 6 to bring awareness to housing issues in the city.

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City council member Ce-Ce Gerlach, who is running for mayor, announced her plans for fair housing in Allentown including addressing the development of luxury apartments.

“I’m proposing we put guardrails up for the development, to help guide the development, it doesn’t stop the development it just helps guide it so it will benefit all people and not just a handful of people,” Gerlach says. 

Act 90, which is already a law, could help with slumlords by taking their personal assets, she says.

“Act 90 allows us to start a housing court, and that’s fundamental, in order to hold landlords accountable, you need somewhere to hold them accountable at. In order to give tenants’ rights, you need to have somewhere to give them their rights at,” Gerlach says. 

LaTarsha Brown, who is running for school board, spoke about the importance of stable housing and education.

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