Allentown School District returns to in-person learning

Written by on April 19, 2021

Allentown School District returns to in-person learning

By Chloe Nouvelle

April 19, 2021

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Teachers in the Allentown School District are getting ready to welcome students back into their classrooms on April 19 when the district returns to in-person elementary school after being closed for a whole year. 

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Some say it feels like the start of a new school year, and some staffers are preparing kindergarteners for their first day of school ever.

Jackson Early Childhood Center is a kindergarteners-only zone. And for many of the kids, it’s the first time their velcro shoes will take them into a classroom.

“We’re sort of treating this like we would September. Being a kindergarten building, many of our students have never been in school before,” says Principal Josh Radcliff.

Teachers have been preparing their kiddos on webcams, he says.  

“Showing the kids like this is where the main offices is, this is where the nurse’s office is, this is where our security guard is and showing them the different areas of the school building in hopes to sort of give them at least an idea of what they might be looking at when they when they arrive,” Radcliff says. 

Leida Rosario, one of Jackson’s ESL teachers, says she expects to see parts of a lot of happy faces in the classroom.

“Even though with the mask, we cannot see the smile, we have to look for those big eyes because we’re gonna have a lot of them,” Rosario says. 

On the subject of masks, Principal Radcliff says parents should send their kids to school wearing one but that buses and school buildings will be stocked with extras for those who need them.

Radcliff says about 60% of students are returning to the classroom. The rest have opted to stay remote.

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