Just Born ‘Peeps’ its way back into Easter baskets this year

Written by on April 1, 2021

Just Born ‘Peeps’ its way back into Easter baskets this year

By Brittany Sweeney

March 2, 2021

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

 A year after shutting down the Just Born Quality Confections plant in Bethlehem, the makers of Peeps candy are making a sweet comeback just in time for Easter.

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Easter is fast approaching and with it comes signs of the iconic yellow chick candy: PEEPS.

The 10th largest confectionery company in the country shut down for six weeks this time last year.

Ross Born, one of the candy maker’s owners, says the Bethlehem institution is back and running again to pre-pandemic capacity.

“We’re more effective, we’re more efficient. We’re focusing a lot more on maintaining our equipment. We’ve taken much better care of our customers of late, we’re communicating more, we have new systems that are communicating, they’re getting confirmation, they’re getting their orders on time,” Born says.

Born says about 600 employees pump out close to 6 million marshmallows a day.

“There wasn’t one complaint about how we can’t do something, we figured out how we could do it and I really admire our folks, everyone and we’ve hired a lot of new people, because we’ve had a lot of folks that have retired. We have just wonderful people. I can’t say enough about our folks,” Born says.

Just Born had to stop production on their Halloween and Christmas peeps this past season due to the pandemic.

But Born adds they, too, will make a return in 2021.

The company is also teaming up with Pepsi on a Peeps flavored soda.

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