Candidates for local office provide a message of unity in the midst of divisive campaigns

Written by on May 11, 2021

Candidates for local office provide a message of unity in the midst of a divisive election cycle

By Genesis Ortega

May 11, 2021

Photos courtesy: Matthew Tuerk, Ce-Ce Gurlach, Julio Guridy, Tim Ramos, Ray O’Connell.

Politics have intensified into a bare-knuckles fight between candidates seeking office in Allentown just one week before the Pennsylvania primary election on May 18.

But one organization, the Unidos Foundation, is hoping to spread a message of unity. 

In a historic year for city and county politics, candidates running for local seats are more diverse than ever. 

But that doesn’t exactly mean there’s a lot of unity among them. 

One candidate was accused of running on his Latino identity but not doing enough for Latinos. Another was accused of inventing a family member in order to sound more diverse. 

So Unidos, a non-profit community foundation, asked the candidates to record messages of unity.

They are posted on the organization’s Facebook page

Some of the messages are from those looking to be Allentown’s next mayor:

Matthew Tuerk: “No matter what happens at the polls on May 18, I’m committed to working with everyone to move Allentown forward.” 

Ce-Ce Gerlach: “Regardless of who you’re supporting in this upcoming election, let’s all begin to work together to better the city.” 

Julio Guridy: “Regardless of party lines and regardless of this election, we’re going to work together.”

Mayor Ray O’Connell: “It’s been a long election cycle. And I want to thank everyone for caring and loving the great city of Allentown.”

Tim Ramos: “Help us break down the divisions between us. And remember we are one city, one people, one Allentown.”

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