La Mega owner apologizes for on-air comments, says they were ‘misinterpreted’

Written by on May 28, 2021

La Mega owner apologizes for on-air comments, says they were ‘misinterpreted’

By Ben Stemrich

May 28, 2021

Victor Martinez of La Mega Radio station.

Earlier this week in Allentown, a social media firestorm broke out between the owner of one of the city’s top Spanish language radio stations and the head of the local Black Lives Matter chapter.

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It all started when Victor Martinez, the host of La Mega’s Morning Show made comments on air about Black women in Puerto Rico. Justan Parker Fields of Black Lives Matter Lehigh Valley and other community members objected to Martinez’s comments as racist.

On May 27 the two held a meeting to discuss what Martinez has been saying over the past several days. Afterwards, Martinez told WLVR his words were misinterpreted.

“That was never our intention. There was an understanding that we didn’t do it with any malicious way, intentional way, and obviously, I am sorry and I apologize that that came out across that way,” Martinez says. 

Following the meeting, Parker Fields told WLVR that while not all is fixed and well, he had a better understanding of where Martinez was coming from. Parker Fields said he accepted the radio host’s apology, but is expecting more. 

“We’re going to see action, we’re going to see some practices, we’re going to see positivity to bring our communities together. I really believe that we’re going to see that not only from our side but Victor’s side as well,” Parker Fields says. 

And, Parker Fields said he expects Martinez to make an on-air apology.

Victor Martinez previously served as a co-host of PBS39’s Es Tiempo, a weekly talk show about the Latino community in the Lehigh Valley that ended in May 2020.

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