Local election worker sees young voters, more relaxed election for the municipal primary

Written by on May 18, 2021

Local election worker sees young voters, more relaxed election for the municipal primary

By Genesis Ortega

May 18, 2021

Voting signs outside of the First Presbyterian Church in Hokendauqua. Photo | Geneis Ortega / WLVR

Today’s local primary marks the first election since the tumultuous presidential one that played out in November. One Lehigh County poll worker talked about her day.

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Dani Kroll, a poll worker at the First Presbyterian Church in Hokendauqua for 22 years,  

says compared to November, it’s been much easier working the polls. 

“There were so many regulations that we needed to learn for that election because of adding the mail-in, and then they gave people the opportunity to relinquish their ballot if they wanted to vote in person and we had to learn those regulations,” Kroll says.

And despite this being a municipal primary, she’s seen a steady flow of people, of all ages. 

“I believe that the 2020 election really got the younger crowd energized to exercise their right to vote,” Kroll says. 

And who better than a poll worker to get a sense of voters’ moods? Kroll’s observations so far today: people are more relaxed this time around. 

“In November, it was very busy. People were still somewhat anxious because of the pandemic, and there was some political intensity,” she says.  

Coming out of the general election, county officials gathered feedback from poll workers about how to simplify the process. They followed up with training sessions to make sure everyone was on the same page going into the primary, she says. 

Kroll expects a little rise in the number of voters after people get out of work. 

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