NJ couple turns a Fiat into a coronavirus protein to provide rides to vaccinations

Written by on May 3, 2021

 NJ couple turns a Fiat into a coronavirus protein to provide rides to vaccinations

My Brittany Sweeney

May 3, 2021

Joe’s Covee Car. Photo| Brittany Sweeney / WLVR

There’s a car cruising around the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border, unlike anything many have ever seen. It’s COVID-themed, and it’s taking people to get their vaccines. 

Listen to the story.

Joe’s Covee Car is quite the attraction with coronavirus protein spikes sticking out of it. It was created by Joe Cecchetti and Shirley Limburg. 

“The proteins themselves are made from dryer balls and I use lots of adhesives to keep them together with a piece of pipe and then to stick into the car. I use a combination of alien tape and Gorilla Glue,” Cecchetti says. 

Their flared-up Fiat has put on a lot of miles in Warren and Hunterdon counties in New Jersey taking those in need of a ride to their vaccine appointments.

Limburg says most of the people needing a lift are seniors.

“Once people find out what the car is being used for, they’re really thankful a lot of people said they’re very inspired. So it’s been an overall positive experience,” Limburg says. 

Cicchetti and Limburg say they want to do their part to help end the pandemic. They’ve driven people as far as an hour to get their shots. 

They have had too many friends get sick and even die from the virus.

“This is a grassroots effort and maybe someone else will say, Hey, you know what, if Joe and Shirley could do this on a shoestring budget. Anyone could do this?” Cicchetti says.

Cicchetti and Limburg say they’ll keep taking people to get vaccinated as long as they need to. 

Brittany Sweeney WLVR News.

To book a ride to a vaccine appointment a ride, visit Joe’s Covee Car page on Facebook.

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