Gov. Wolf defends freedom to vote

Written by on June 18, 2021

Gov. Wolf defends freedom to vote

By Hayden Mitman

June 18, 2021

Gov. Tom Wolf speaks about his legislative priorities for the fall during a press event at Discovery Kids Child Care in Middletown on Aug. 25, 2020. Photo | Kate Landis / WITF

Gov. Tom Wolf spoke out on June 17 against a Republican-backed election reform bill, calling it an ‘unconstitutional’ attack on voter rights. 

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The legislation, House Bill 1300, is sponsored by state Rep. Seth Grove (R-York). It aims to change mail-in ballot procedures, limit early voting and mandate IDs for all in-person voters.

Wolf, a Democrat, says that the proposed bill includes voting restrictions that have previously been found unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. 

“The truth is that Pennsylvania already has safe and secure – and accurate – elections. The 2020 general election was declared to be the most secure in American history,” Wolf says.  

He likened the move to the Capitol insurrection.

“The same people who spread those lies and encouraged that mob – the mom that attacked the capitol – are trying to overturn our election. They are attacking our freedom to vote,” Wolf says.  

After Wolf’s speech, Rep. Grove took to Twitter to defend the bill and call for compromise. 

Grove was among a group of state GOP lawmakers who asked Congress to delay certifying Pennsylvania’s electoral votes in the 2020 Presidential Election, despite no evidence of election fraud. 

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