Lehigh County Humane Society expands to offer more affordable care

Written by on June 4, 2021

Lehigh County Humane Society expands to offer more affordable care

By Ben Stemrich

June 4, 2021

The Lehigh County Humane Society is planning a full renovation and expansion of 4000-square-feet to accommodate the now wall to wall cages of animals including guinea pigs, dogs and cats. A new ventilation system, kennels, bigger rooms and dog cages that won’t face each other are all part of the plan.

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Deirdre Federico of the humane society says this will allow more affordable pet care for all.

“Our director can actually waive fees altogether or arrange a payment plan. So there’s many options. But what we strive to do is meet people where they are in their life no matter what that looks like and help them to keep that pet in that home.”

A lot of veterinarian services closed during the pandemic, so people relied on the Humane Society even more.

“We needed to stay open because we are an essential facility…and we wanted to stay open, so we did and what happened was a lot of people were coming here because we were the only option for them,” said Federico. 

For those interested in learning more about the Lehigh County Humane Society and keep up with updates on the renovations, visit: https://www.lehighcountyhumanesociety.org/.

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