AAA predicts near record travel for 4th of July weekend

Written by on July 1, 2021

AAA predicts near record travel for 4th of July weekend

By Ben Stemrich

July 1, 2021

Photo| Brittany Sweeney / WLVR

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – Despite high gas prices and the lingering pandemic, a near-record number of people are expected to travel over the July 4 holiday.

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Once the vaccine was rolled out, people started planning vacations, says Sally McCorrison, director of Travel Services at AAA East Penn Region in Allentown.

This year AAA is expecting 47.7 million travelers over the Independence day weekend.

“That’s actually the second-highest on level just trailing behind 2019. So even though we’re 2.5% behind 2019 it’s still a significant increase,” McCorrison says. 

Despite higher gas prices she says 91% of travelers are expected to go by car.

“They want to get away, how much pent up demand. We noticed it immediately once the shots started, it was like once you got the shot you want to plan a trip,” she says. 

Making plans for the actual stay is also important,

“If they’re going on a Saturday the check-ins tend to be between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for hotels and vacation rentals, so if you go later in the day you won’t have much traffic. Sunday no one is traveling, they’re where they need to be, unless you’re a day tripper. And on Monday most people leave around 1 p.m. so you want to try and get out really early,” McCorrison says.

Last year only 34.2 million people traveled over the same holiday weekend. That’s 40% fewer than what’s expected this year.

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