Seventh Generation students’ letter to Biden turned into an invitation to attend his visit

Written by on July 28, 2021

Seventh Generation students’ letter to Biden turned into an invitation to attend his visit

By Chloe Nouvelle

July 28, 2021

A classroom at Seven Generations Charter School. Photo | Courtesy of the Seven Generations Charter School Facebook page.

Earlier this year, two third-graders at Seven Generations Charter School wrote to President Biden. In their letters, they shared their big ideas with the commander in chief. 

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One student explained to President Biden that she felt it’s important to treat people nicely. She also told him that she thought you should help others when they need it. 

Her classmate wrote about concerns over animal testing. 

The White House responded to the students’ letters by inviting them and their teacher to the president’s event in Macungie on July 28.  

“I didn’t really think that I would get a response, or just, you know, a thank you for your letter kind of thing,” said Megan Ramirez, the students’ teacher at Seven Generations Charter School. “But I think that it really shows a lot of genuine interest and investment in teachers and students that the President would select us to be part of this day.”

Ramirez said Biden’s invitation shows her students that hard work pays off; if they hadn’t sent letters to The White House, this wouldn’t be happening.

“It’s an experience that I’m sure they’ll never forget and something that they’ll be able to share with their peers and their own children someday, I’m sure,” Ramirez said. 

Ramirez also said this response from The White House will show her students that their ideas can have an impact.

“It’s one thing to turn in a writing assignment but another thing completely to realize that their thoughts didn’t just end up someplace in cyberspace, but in the hands of somebody who truly cares,” Ramirez said. 

In the end, Ramirez said her students are thrilled to have their voices heard.

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