Holiday shopping: Should you start now?

Written by on September 28, 2021

 Holiday shopping: Should you start now?

By Megan Frank

September 28, 2021

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EASTON, Pa. – Each year, people talk about getting their holiday shopping out of the way early. But this year, economists say you may want to get started even earlier. 

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About 27% of holiday shoppers plan to begin buying gifts this month and about 13% started over the summer, according to a CreditCards survey. 

Chris Ruebeck, associate professor of economics at Lafayette College, says the pandemic pushed more shoppers online and changed how and when people buy goods.

“What we have seen is just a big change in people’s buying patterns,” said Ruebeck. “People are going on fewer trips, and so they’re spending money in different ways. It’s changing the type of demand that people have.”

Ruebeck said because of weather events and transportation backlogs all over the globe, goods are not as plentiful and are arriving more slowly.  

“It’s been hard to manufacture things also because of the effects of the pandemic,” said Ruebeck. “And we’re at fairly high vaccination rates, not as high as in Europe. But in some of the countries where these things are being put together vaccination rates are as slow as, let’s say, 10%.”

Ruebeck said even if you don’t want the hot-ticket items, it may be prudent to get an earlier jump on your holiday gift-buying.

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