Rising energy costs lead to more interest in weatherizing homes

Written by on March 15, 2022

Rising energy costs lead to more interest in weatherizing homes

By Chloe Nouvelle
March 15, 2022

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Pennsylvanians are paying more to heat and power their homes.

Homeowners and renters in the Philadelphia area paid almost 12 percent more for electricity in January than they did at the same time last year. And piped gas costs over 20 percent more, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Michael Austin, director of the weatherization program at Community Action Lehigh Valley (CALV), pointed out that the rise in costs is partly what’s leading people to look to increase energy efficiency in their homes through weatherization.

CALV’s program is dedicated to assisting individuals with low incomes. 

“The goals of weatherization (are) to make the people safe, comfortable, and lower their costs,” said Austin. “Generally, we try to get into a house and reduce the airflow through a house by air sealing and adding insulation.”  

Austin said CALV’s weatherization improvements can result in a 20 percent reduction in home energy costs. 

The state also has a program to help low-income Pennsylvania residents pay their heating bills

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