At campaign rally, Trump implies he might withold federal aid from Pa.

Written by on October 27, 2020

At campaign rally, Trump implies he might withold federal aid from Pa.

By Tyler Pratt

October 27, 2020

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Thousands of people attended President Trump’s rally Monday morning in the Lehigh Valley. Photo| Tyler Pratt / WLVR

President Trump took plenty of swings Monday at his opponent during his campaign trip through Pennsylvania. Trump mainly focused on attacking former Vice President Biden’s energy and trade policies. But as WLVR’s Tyler Pratt reports, he also set his sights on another politician; the governor. 

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During Monday’s rally, Trump suggested that Wolf had tried to limit the size of his rallies for political reasons. In response, Trump suggested he might withhold federal aid from Pennsylvania in the future.

As he spoke to a crowd of thousands outside Allentown, Trump pretended to be on the phone with the governor. 

“So Tom Wolf, next time give us a little notice, governor. Your governor made it almost impossible for us to find any site for the event. And I’ll remember it, Tom. I’m going to remember it, Tom. ‘Hello, Mr. President, this is Governor Wolf, I need help, I need help.’ You know what? These people are bad.”

Governor Wolf’s office couldn’t be reached for comment. Trump held three rallies across the state Monday. Throughout 2020, Trump has been critical of Wolf and other Democratic governors’ pandemic shut down orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Northampton County switched from blue to red in 2016. And for most of the last century, it has had a knack for picking presidents.  Trump spent more than an hour there today speaking to the crowd of thousands in the rain. In addition to slamming Biden on energy, he appealed to the area’s history of steel working and manufacturing jobs.

“They were tough American men and strong American women, who gave their heart sweat and soul for their families, their country and for freedom. We stand on the shoulders of the Pennsylvania patriots, who fought the battles, mined the coal and worked the assembly line. Loaded up the rail cars. Pouring the steel that built the middle class; it built the middle class,” said Trump.

A representative for Governor Wolf’s office called Trump’s claims, “relentless lies and baseless attacks,” saying their office’s only communication was sending a letter to the Trump campaign’s legal team asking the rallies to abide by social distancing guidelines, but the campaign didn’t respond.

To get past social distancing guidelines, Trump said he was calling these rallies, quote, “friendly protests.” 

He also encouraged his supporters to vote in person on Election Day.

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